Finding Good eBay Products

Whether you want to incorporate eBay products into your Amazon affiliate store or you want to offer only eBay options, you can do that with FSI. You can show eBay examples under your Amazon product, create specific categories for eBay products, or add them to your Amazon categories. In the settings you can also select whether you want eBay products to show before or after Amazon products. You would go to: Design—Template Options---Template Options again. Towards the bottom of the page you’ll see the eBay and Amazon product options, including Product Info Page Sort Order.

Going back to eBay products, when you want to add products to your store, you want to do some research. The best way to find good eBay products is by searching for them and using the available filters. You want to offer customers new products and look at products that have already sold. Choosing sold/completed items tells you that the product is popular and should do well in your store too.

To add single eBay products to your store, you need to make sure that your auth key is active and added. You will go to: Settings—Your eBay Settings and make sure to add the auth code. Please look at this guide to find your eBay keys and auth code.

You can add good eBay products  to your store by search or ASIN. Just like Amazon, eBay has ASIN in the product link. For example: The ASIN that you would look up in your store is: 172988111178. To add this eBay product to your store you would go to: Products—Add Products—Search for eBay Products. You can also just copy and paste the product title to find it and add it to your store. 

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