How to Change Your Fresh Store Template

Fresh Store has several templates included. Premium members get all the store templates and skins for free. FS Premium members will see the templates in their stores automatically. If you don’t see all the different templates, make sure to go to: Tools—Refresh Templates and select Force Refresh All Templates. This will take a few minutes to complete but once it does, all the templates for Premium members will be visible in your store.

In order to choose a store template you would login to your store and go to: Design—Templates

There you will see a few different options. On every template you will see the option to Enable Template. Once you enable a template it will showcase in your store. There will be two new options next to the template which are: Set Template Options or Load Example Data. Set Template Options will take you to the template options page while Load Example Data will load the template how it shows in the preview image. Please note that you will lose all the settings in your store if you choose this option.

If you just choose the Enable Template option, you can preview how your store would look without losing any of your original settings such as categories and products. 

Once you select the template you want you can select View Site to preview the website. All template options can be found by going to: Design--Template Options--Template Options. You can choose your top and bottom navigation links, the homepage slider, template skin, and much more. 

If you want to upload a header or a logo, go to Design--Template Options--Images. Be sure to change the Header Style first if you want to upload a custom banner image. 

To customize the color scheme of your website, you can select a Template Skin or go to Design--Visual Editor. Under Template Skin you can select from a few basic options/colors while in Visual Editor you can customize the colors to whatever you want. You can match the custom css to the colors of your header or logo. The visual editor allows you to preview the changes before making them live. Please be sure to save the changes before exiting the Visual Editor, otherwise all the customization will be lost. 

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