Finding Opportunities in Your Niche

When it comes to choosing a niche and creating your store, you want to do some research. Your first store can be a test store to see how everything works. Once you’re comfortable with the process, you want to be ready with a niche idea that will help you create your new website.

Take a look at this guide to help you learn more about niches and how to choose them.

Another way to go about choosing a niche is to figure out what is the gap in the market. This can be anything people are searching for and not getting answers to. You can go to the niche Facebook group to see what customers are asking for, struggling with or even loving. This will give you some ideas as to what to write about or add in your store.

You can also check out different Forums to see pressing or unanswered questions about a product relating to your niche or the niche itself. We also have our own forum at You can see what other customers are struggling with or check out their success stories and see how they got to that point. You can also ask your own questions and get suggestions from other FSI members. 

Another great website to get inspired by and your research from for your niche is This is a website where people can ask and answer questions on various topics. You can select the topics that interest you and/or that relate to your niche. 

All of these different websites can help you research your niche more and get inspired. You can easily see what people are struggling with so that you can answer their questions and fix their issues. Your store will have the answers they are looking for which can help improve your traffic and increase your sales.

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