How to Add Custom Products in Fresh Store

The Custom Products feature allows you to add your own physical products to your Fresh Store or create unique listings, linking to other affiliate sites. 

First, you’ll log in to your store and go to ProductsAdd Products----Add a Custom Product

Once selected, you will see a new page. In this section you’ll fill out the information for the custom product such as the title, PayPal buy button link, upload the product images, add description, and so on. 

In order to create a Buy Link, you'll need to go to your PayPal account and go to Tools--All Tools. Here there are multiple option available but you'll need to select PayPal Buttons

Once you select the PayPal buttons option, you'll come to a new page with more choices. Select the Buy Now option. 

This will take you to the page where you will fill out the information for the product. You can also take a look at this YouTube Video on how to fill out the information for the button. 

Once you're done filling out the information, select the Create Button. This will take you to a page with the code. Be sure to select the Email option instead of the code. The email option gives you a buy link which you will copy over into your store custom products. 

Shipping Products in the USA

Once you sell your product you want to ship it as soon as possible. For smaller items, up to a pound in weight, you can choose First Class Package. This is usually the cheapest option but it can take over 3 days to be delivered.

Priority Mail is what most customers want since the package is delivered within 1-3 days. You can use Priority Mail boxes or your own custom box. You can also reuse boxes that you have such as shoe boxes, cereal boxes or other boxes for shipping.

For larger and heavier boxes, shipping is more affordable through UPS and FedEx. Be sure to make a free account on their websites so that you can compare prices, print your postage and schedule a pickup.

When shipping your items, it is important to wrap them and ship them properly. You do not just put a pin in an envelope and close it off. Make sure to use bubble wrap or tissue paper to protect the items. If you’re sending a die-cast car on a card, make sure the edges are protected and that the item will not get crushed. Remember that the boxes will be tossed around and can easily get crushed so mark your box FRAGILE if the item is delicate.

Where To Get Your Boxes

USPS– You can go to your post office and grab a variety of Priority Mail boxes and padded envelopes. You can also create an account on their website and have the items delivered. They are all free and you’ll find a lot more options.

Local Store – When you’re shopping at your local grocery store and see the stock person breaking up boxes, ask if you can take them. They usually throw those boxes away so why not reuse them?

Recycling – If you live in a rural area, you probably have a recycling center. There is usually a large container for cardboard and paper where people throw away their shipping boxes and packing boxes.

ULINE– If you are doing well and selling a lot of products, you can stock up and purchase boxes in the exact sizes you need from websites such as ULINE. You can also get other materials here such as bubble wrap, tape, and envelopes. 

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