OneAzon - Direct Links Feature for Single Products

What is this feature?

This is a setting that allows you to choose how your Amazon link behaves for single products. The default is an "Add to Cart" option, or you can change it to be "Direct to the Product Page".

Normally, all links use the "Add to Cart" interim page on Amazon which gives you a 90-day cookie. The downside of this is that your visitor has one more page to click and confirm before they continue to buy on Amazon.

For single products only, it is possible to send your visitors directly to the "Product Detail" page which may increase conversions in your niche. Please note that this only gives you a 24-hour cookie instead of a 90-day cookie.

What is a 24 hour or 90 day Amazon cookie?

The Amazon cookie is what tracks your sales. The cookie will either expire after 24 hours or 90 days, depending on the option you choose.

If your visitor does not buy before the cookie expires then you won't get credit or commission for the sale.

Where can I find this feature?

This feature is controlled by an option under "General Settings". Please go here:

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