How to create a Blank Fresh Store

In your Fresh Cloud account, you can create a blank store. If you do not see a niche that you want or wish to create a store with custom products, choosing a blank store is the best option. Please take a look at this guide to learn how to create a blank store:

Once you create the store you will need to:

1. Add categories

Go to: Products—Add Product Categories

Please make sure to leave Page Name blank under SEO & META

2. Add Products

Once you've added your categories, it's time to add some products. You can add Amazon, eBay and custom products. You can also create a site with just custom products or just Amazon or eBay items. 

To add products go to: Products--Add Products

You can add products by Amazon search or ASIN, create bundles, or add custom products. You can take a look at this guide for more information on how to add products: Be sure to think about the products you add. We recommend making sure that the products have good ratings and reviews. Also, don't add too many products at once. You want to be able to edit the products easily and change long titles so that it's easier to read, makes sense and not just a giant link with different key words. 

Here is an example of a title you should edit.

Instead of this giant key-words filled title, you can edit it to say: Nextour Unisex Headband, 12 in 1 Sweatband for Fishing, Hiking, Running. It's simpler, gets the point across and is something a customer would type in search. They might search for "Nextour 12 in 1 sweatband" or "12 in 1 headband", which can help your product pop up as a result. When editing a title, think about what you would put in search in your browser if you were to look for that exact item. 

3. Add Content

The next think you need to do in a blank store is add content. We recommend that you add homepage content, 100 words or more for all of your categories, and at least two articles to your store before going live. To edit the homepage, go to: Content--Your Pages--Homepage. On Your Pages you will also find other pages you should edit such as Special Offers, Best Sellers and Privacy Policy. 

To add unique content to your store, such as articles about the niche, product reviews or even video reviews, go to Content--Add Page. Please take a look at this guide on how to add content to your website.

Once you got these main things out of the way, you can work on how your store looks. 

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