Tell Your Store Visitors to Buy!

When creating your store, it’s essential that you do not add too many products. You want to limit the number of products not because it’s easier to edit them (because it is) but because you want to offer specific items. You want to offer your customers products that have good reviews, ratings and rank.

How to Choose the Best Products

The best way to find good products for your store is by going to Amazon’s best sellers page.

There you will find the category you want to add to your store and a list of products. I’m going to stick with the cookies niche example and go to: Grocery and Gourmet Food—Snacks –Cookies. The link to this page is:

The last number in the link is the browse node. This is how you can autopopulate your store categories or look for products.  In the results you’ll see that one of the best sellers product are Keto cookies. This can give you an idea of what customers are buying and what’s trending. You can add Keto Cookies to your store categories as well as look at the categories that are on the sidebar. You don’t have to add every single category to your store, just the ones that make sense for your store niche. Remember, the more specific you are the better it is for your store. It will be easier to promote specific products and categories instead of 30 different categories.

When you click on the Keto cookies, you’ll see that it has 4.6/5 starts and over 7,800 reviews. Another thing to look for is the Product Details section where you will find how the product ranks for this specific category. These Keto cookies rank #7 in Grocery and Gourmet Food category. 

This product should go in your store. You want to add the products that rank in the top 100. While this might take some time, you’re doing the research for the customers and providing them with top quality products. This is something you can add to your store- the fact that you have the best ranking cookies and did the research for them.

Another thing you can do is create categories for Keto Cookies, Low Calories Cookies, Low Sugar Cookies, Organic Cookies, and so on. This way customers can shop by the specific category that suits their dietary needs and restrictions. If you're not sure about the categories, you can add articles for those specific keywords instead. With so many options, you will have plenty of articles to add to each section. Alternative thing you can do is personally review the cookies (this requires that you purchase the items). You can rank the cookies for their taste, price and value. Then you can compose a chart from your data and provide it to your customers. This can make their shopping experience easier and it will help your store rank better. You're adding value to your website and you're providing information to your store that other sites are not doing. This structure can be applied to most niches. 

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