How to add Amazon products to your Fresh Store using search with keywords

Using the “Search for Amazon Products” menu option in your admin area allows you to browse products from Amazon and select the ones you want. First, enter a search term. The "Search Index" option allows you to narrow your results to an Amazon “category” (a general product type, for example, “Sporting Goods”).

You will then be presented with roughly the first 10 products matching the search term or in the Browse Node, you entered. Clicking the green “plus” icon next to the product will add it to your website. Selecting a category at the top of the page will mean any products added will be entered into that category.

When a product already exists on the site, you will be shown a “faded green tick icon” instead of the plus. Clicking on the small Amazon icon will show you the Amazon page for that product, allowing you to see more information before you add it to your site.

To see more products, simply click the “Next Page” button underneath the products. If you don’t see any more products after clicking “Next Page” there are no more matching your Search Term.

Note: new products are added regularly, so keep checking back if you use this method in order to stock the latest products.

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