Organizing your Niche Research

When creating your Fresh Store you want to have a niche. By choosing a niche you will be able to create a site with specific categories and products, which make it easier to promote. When you have a specific niche your customers will know exactly what they are shopping for at your website. A store that has everything from baby diapers to cat food is harder to rank and you’ll be competing with Amazon and other big chains.

When choosing a niche you want to do some research to make the process easier. We have created a chart that you can use for your niche research. You can find the spreadsheet here on this link.

Here is one of my examples:

For the three keywords, you want to be able to use them in your content and store. When customers search for these specific keywords, you want your site to show up.

The ratings (1-10) is based on your own personal opinion. 

For the competition, if there are too many websites, then there is a lot of competition. In my example, I looked up “no sugar keto cookies” in a Google search and found that there are over 29 million results. This means it will be very hard to rank for the keyword. The keyword "best keto cookies" have 90 million results and "keto low carb sugar cookies" have over 27 million results. So it would be hard for me to rank these keywords and stick with this niche. Not impossible, but it would take a lot of content and time to get my site to rank in the top few pages. 

Will it last for more than 3 years? I said Yes because the Keto diet is not something new and it’s here to stay.

For the eBay and Amazon products, I just looked up keto cookies on both websites. There were plenty of results for both, which means I can find great cookie options to add to my store.

For the option “Other Monetisation Ideasyou want to find ways other than the affiliate program which will help you generate more income. I would research one of the popular brands and see if they have an affiliate product so that I can sign up and create a link.

Are “keto cookies” seasonal? No. Keto diet and all things keto is a lifestyle and it is available all year long.

For the legal issues, is there any bad news about the niche? Is there a lawsuit for the product not being safe or anything negative in the media that will make customers hesitant to purchase the product? 

The last rating is your own for the niche as a whole. How confident are you that the niche idea will work and you'll be able to rank your site? 

This niche research spreadsheet should help you narrow down your options so that you can choose a niche and create your first store. 

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