Why should I create an Amazon or eBay affiliate store?

We have been running successful affiliate websites since around 2007.

Many years later, after experimenting in many different areas, they are still our favourite way to make an online income.

Why? Here are just 10 reasons:

  1. 🤗 They are fun! - You get to learn about an interesting topic, engage with cool people, create great content and be proud of your project.
  2. 🤑 The cost is minimal - You can run affiliate websites for a couple of dollars each per month.
  3. 🤩 It's super easy - Launching your own store takes a few minutes and no technical knowledge required.
  4. đŸĻ Your websites become assets - The longer your website is live, the more it is worth if you ever want to sell it.
  5. ✅ It's proven - Affiliate websites have been a solid business model for almost as long as the internet has existed.
  6. ↩ī¸ You can pivot easily - Don't want to promote Amazon anymore? No problem, switch to eBay or any other affiliate program!
  7. 💰 Multiple sources of income - It's not even just about Amazon or eBay. Why not sell custom advertising packages? Make deals direct with product suppliers? Try Google Adsense? So many possibilities!
  8. 👩đŸģđŸ’ģ Full Training & Support - With Fresh Store, you get full training and support, so that you know exactly what you need to do to get success.
  9. 🤔 Change your niche easily - Did you change your mind or want to try a different niche? No problem, it's easy to start again and try a different angle with a new niche.
  10. 🏆 Proven and Trusted - Fresh Store has been helping people just like you make an online income with affiliate websites since 2010.
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