Adding Amazon Products - Autopopulate with Search Keywords

With Fresh Store, you can add products manually or autopopulate them with a search term or browse node.

To autopopulate your categories you would go to " Products -> View Product Categories" and select the lightning icon for the category you want to autopopulate. Then you will see the option to Add Autopopulate Settings.

You will be taken to a new page where you can add a specific keyword that will bring out search results. You would not put the keyword “cake” if you want cake pans. You need to be specific so that the keyword pulls out the correct results from Amazon.

On this page you can also choose:

Search Index: This is the location or category where you would find your product on Amazon. For my example “cat mugs” I’ve selected the search index HomeGarden. You will also see a warning for “Please note if you select the search index "All" or "Blended" you cannot filter by Merchant ID or Price (max or min).”

Other AutoPopulate filters you will find include:

Required Keywords and Match Type - These are keywords you want to be present in the product title results. You can choose whether you want the product result to have ALL or ANY of the imputed keywords.

Merchant ID – You can limit your search results by adding a Merchant ID. This means that only the products by that seller will be added. 

Minimum and Maximum Price - These fields are entered separately and are your preferences. Be realistic in your price entry or make sure that there are enough products on Amazon within the price range you enter. 

Product Limit - The autopopulate will no longer add products once the limit is reached. So if your limit is 50 products and you already added 50 products, the next time you run the autopopulate it won't show any items. 

These are just some of the options available in autopopulate settings. Please note that you don't have to fill out every item but if you want to be specific and add certain products only, you have the choice to do so.  

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