Checking out your competition

When it comes to choosing a niche you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. This guide will help you decide if dominating your niche is realistic or whether you need to choose something else.

Check Out Your Competition

To check out your competition, you need to look up your niche keywords. You can do this using Market Samurai.  Another free option is looking up the keywords on Google search engine. You can generally judge your competition by the quality of the top 10 results, number of Google Ads, and the number of results.

Try and filter down your keywords to those that are feasible to target (i.e. little competition). Of course, if you have a big budget for SEO or PPC then you can target what you like (just make sure the Amazon commissions are worth it!).

What to Look Out For in Your Competition

How do you know if your competition is any good? Look out for how professional the site is;

  • Is it a real store or an affiliate store?
  • What is the Pagerank?
  • How many backlinks does the site have?
  • How recently was it updated, new posts, guides, videos, etc.?

You Can Still Beat the Competition

The more competition, the more work it will take to get up the search listings – but it is still doable. Just consider how much time you can put into it and how long before you need to see results.

Once you are set on your keywords and niche, make sure that there are good eBay and Amazon products available which you can add to your store. Next, decide if the niche will last for more than three years and if it will give you the opportunity to expand. All of this is explained in the following guides. 

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