How to Build a Community

When you create a store you want customers to come and visit it. So how do you get customers? There are a few different ways in which you can engage your audience and get them to visit your website.


When customers come to your website you want them to be engaged and know what the site is about. In your homepage you can let them know about what they will find, articles they can read, and questions you will answer.


You can collect emails through your store and send customers newsletters. You can promote a giveaway and tell them to sign up for more cool giveaways, discounts or special offers.  You can also send out links to your new guides and helpful information that they would benefit from.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to reach an audience and create a following.  You can create a Facebook page, Instagram and a Twitter account. Pinterest has also been added to our script and can help you reach more people. If your site is about hiking, you can create a section for hiking gear, accessories, trails you’ve explored, and a section for trails around the world.

If you want to have an audience, you have to provide something valuable. Engage your audience and make sure they don’t forget about you. Update them monthly with new giveaway, guides, fun facts, and so on. You can also send out weekly updates of a new product that you recommend, why, the benefits, etc.  Remember, you only need a 100 true fans to create a community. 

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