Adding Amazon Products - Autopopulate with Browsenodes

With FS you can add categories and products you want to your store. You can add products by search, ASIN or autopopulate your categories. By autopopulating your categories you can run the module and add 10 products to your store at a time. You can also setup a limit for the amount of products you want to add to the category. 

To autopopulate your categories you would go to: or

You need to go through the list and find the category you want to autopopulate. For my example I chose Cat Memories. The full link is: The browse node is the first number, in this case it’s 2975302011.

Next, you would go to your store to: Products--View Product Categories. Then you would click on the autopopulate icon for the category (lightning icon with A). 

I am auto populating the Cat Memorials category with browse node since there is no browse node for Cat Mugs (You would autopopulate this category with Search Term). When you click the autopopulate icon it will take you to another page where you will select Add Autopopulate Settings. 

On the next page you can choose how you want to autopopulate your category; with Browse Node or Search Term. We will select Browse node and add the Amazon URL or the browse node ID. I've added the browse node ID and selected the Search Index, which is Pet Supplies. 

Once you've added the options, you can scroll through the other autopopulate filters options. You can select the minimum and maximum price, the product limit, or even the merchant ID. I choose to leave these options blank and clicked the Save at the bottom of the page. 

The new page that loads will show the summery of the browse node you've added. 

To run the autopopulate, click on the icon and ten new products will add to your store. 

If you want to add more products, just click the icon again to manually run auto populate. 

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