How to get Google Organic Traffic

When it comes to traffic, the goal is to have customers come to your website organically. This means you are not paying for the traffic and spending money to promote your website.

How to get organic traffic?

Content- It always goes back to content. You want to add unique content to your store so that it can be found. Be sure to use your keywords and add content related to the niche. Just think of what you do when you are looking for something; You go on search engine and type in “best running shoes for beginners” for example.

The reason you see the results you do on the first page is because these sites used that keyword. They added it in their content, product name, articles or somewhere in the website. You want customers to do the same with your niche.You can find keywords to use on search engine as well as other free keyword tools. Remember to add content frequently to keep your store updated and filled with relevant information.

SEO and Meta-Another thing to remember is to go through your store SEO and meta description. Every page has the option so fill it out. It’s easy and it can help your store rank better. 

Link Building 

Link building is not dead and can still help you get traffic. What is link building? Basically, link building means you are having other websites link back to your site. You can do this through social media, videos, and comments on other websites. When you’re leaving comments and linking back to your site, make sure to leave an actual comment. Just adding a link that says “CLICK HERE” or “Check out my site!” will get your comment deleted and you blocked.

Comment on sites that relate to your niche. Find a website that is ranking good, has updated content and see if you can get in touch with the owner. You can work together to boost your traffic and see how you can collaborate on helping customers.

Social Media

It’s free to use social media so why not use it for your business? You’re already using it to post pictures of what you eat, funny posts you see and share other people’s stuff, so why not do the same for your store? You can create a twitter, Facebook page, Pinterest page and other social media account to help promote your website.

One thing you shouldn’t do is just spam with 100 posts of your store products. Instead, you want to interact with people. You want to share products but put some text behind it. Instead of just posting a picture of a motorcycle you are selling, add text that says; “Are you looking for something unique to give to yourself? Can’t get more unique than this!” Don’t always share products, share your content pages, articles or even something funny related to your niche. People are more likely to share and like your stuff when you are not spamming them with just products and not interacting with them. If someone asks a question, reply to them. If someone leaves a comment, like it. Don’t just create social media pages to link back to your store products. Create social media pages so that customers have a place to interact, get answers and help them need, and inform them on new merchandise, niche related news and so on. 

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