How to Add Manufacturers to your Fresh Store

In your Fresh Store, you can enable Manufacturers. You can display logos on the homepage or have the manufacturers display on the sidebar. This can make it easier for customers to find a product if they are looking for a specific brand. It can also be a way for you to better promote specific brands and products.

If you want to add specific manufacturers to your store sidebox, you’ll go to: Product—Product Manufacturers

On this page you will see the filter option for Hide and Show. If you didn't enable any manufacturers yet, you will stay on the Hide filter. Select the brands that you want to show on your homepage. We recommend choosing the ones with the most products. You can also just select the brand you want. Do not select all the manufacturers since there would be too many to properly display. 

You have a few different options to choose from:

  • Display/Hide Everywhere
  • Display/Hide on sidebar
  • Display/Hide on manufacturers page
  • Display/Hide on products
  • Display/Hide on homepage
  • Display/Hide on filter

If you want to display the manufacturers on all the pages, you select Display everywhere and select Do Action. This means on any page you go to, the manufacturers will show. 

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