Getting Traffic from your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages are a great way to get free traffic and most of the work can be automated.

How to get traffic from Facebook?

Once you create your store you can go ahead and create a Facebook page for it. This page can be used to post your guides, articles, share interesting facts/news and promote products. One thing you should not do is just post products that are on your store. Now that you have created your Facebook page, what’s next? How do you get people to come? The answer is by joining Facebook groups and commenting/interacting there.

You want to join a few Facebook groups that relate to your niche. So, if your niche is about motorcycles, join a group for that brand and style of motorcycles. If your bike is a dirt bike, join that group. If you’re a female that rides motorcycles, join a group that’s for female riders. You can join as many groups as you want but make sure that you know your subject or have an interest in these groups. Joining a bunch of groups and then never going to them will not get traffic to your website.

What to do

Here are some things that you should do in different Facebook groups that you’ve joined:

  • Comment on posts you like
  • Give feedback
  • Answer questions that you see other people asking (if you have something valuable to say or if you would like to know the answer as well)
  • Agree/disagree with other people and make sure to tell them why

Another thing you can do is join forces. If you love a specific Facebook group, the information, ideas, and so on, contact the owner and see how you can join forces. See if they are willing to work with you so that you can link to each other’s sites.

What not to do

Here are a few things you should not do in Facebook groups:

  • Get angry with other people because you don’t agree with them
  • Get political (unless it’s a group for such things)
  • Post comments that say “Check out my site!”; “Go here!”; “Buy from my website!” and so on. You don’t want to just spam these groups that they end up banning you.

This is why it’s important to choose a niche that you like or have some knowledge and interest in. You want to be able to share your opinions and information with other people. If you don’t know the subject or have anything personal to share, learn. Do your research so that you can say things like; “I read this articles on the subject”, “I thought it was this and not that..”, “Thank you for sharing. Learn something new every day”. The object is to be real and natural with other people in the groups. This is how you will get them to come to your page and comment in there, and get followers. 

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