Reddit Strategies for Traffic

Like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, Reddit is a very popular social website with a huge community.

In this guide, we will look at how we can use Reddit to generate traffic to our stores and websites.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is basically a forum where members can post, discuss, and rate the information presented.

If your posts are funny, informative or popular, they can go viral and showcase on the front page. The website is divided into "Subreddits". These are communities that you can join and share your content on. Some examples include:

The Subreddits above can help you learn more about marketing and how to make more sales. You can also search for any niche and join the community. If your niche is beauty, you could join:

If you have a pet store you can join the pet community:

Pretty much any niche or topic you are working on will have a Subreddit.

How to use Reddit to promote your niche

To put it simply, join the subreddits that are related to your niche and contribute by posting videos, images or information.

Warning: Reddit is generally a cynical and suspicious community. Promoting your business is frowned upon in most Subreddits. Your approach to Reddit should be to contribute good value and link back to your stores or websites only when relevant.

Take a look at the subreddits you have joined and see what posts are doing well. Read the rules in the subreddit and read the posts to see what is allowed, what this community accepts and what they don't like.

You shouldn’t just post an image of a bottle of lotion and say “click here” to buy when you first join. Your goal is to get other members to like, share, and comment or contribute to the content you post.

Make your posts informative, relative and/or funny. If you saw the title or content would you click on it and read it? You want to make content that is eye catching and will get members to read and share it. 

Some tips on how you can use Reddit:

1. Discover something controversial and little-known about a product or brand you sell
2. Discover the Reddit community that loves your products or niche
3. Note the main points of the infographic and make the complex issues simple to understand
4. Read guides and tutorials on making infographics
5. Make an infographic using free design software or infographic builder websites
6. Repeat step 5 about 10-20 times until it looks good (consider hiring 3 or 4 people on Fiverr to give you infographic ideas)
7. Post your infographic image on your Fresh Store
8. Submit the link to your infographic to 1 or 2 Reddit communities that love your product
9. Watch the traffic in Google Analytics and hope some traffic converts into sales

If you want to make infographics, just google some examples to get an idea of what they are and how you can create yours. You can use to create your free infographics.

Note that you don't have to create an infographic image just for a product. You can create it for an article you posted on your store or even create something funny/humerus that people can relate to or would share. 

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