Getting Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is another social media platform that people forget to utilize, even though it is very popular. You don’t have to be a DIY or beauty niche store in order to utilize it.

How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is used by creating Pins. This means you create an eye-catching post and link it to an article or product on your store. Viewers can share, love and click on the pins, taking them to your site location. They can also save the pin to their own boards, which their followers will see and hopefully click on.

When creating a Pinterest account, you want your main account to be personal and your business account to be for your website. You also want to create different boards for your ideas and stores. So if your niche is cat supplies, you can have a board for cute cat pictures, one board for cat supply information, one board for cat breads, and so on. You want things to be organized so that potential customers can easily find what they want and share it.

Another thing you want to do is join Group Boards. This means that a few people can contribute to the pins. You also want to aim to join these group boards so that you can utilize their reach. This can help you get more followers and repins for your business.

To get more followers for your own account, you need to start following other groups and people. Look up your niche and find an active group. Join that board and start following a few of the followers from that account. Don’t just follow them; add their pins to your boards or comment on their posts.

To get the most out of any social media platform, you need to be active. You can’t just create a page and call it a day. Make sure to post daily and add a few pins to your boards every day. Be sure to follow other groups and people in order to reach more of your own followers. 

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