The Country Redirect Feature in Fresh Store

The Country Redirect feature is a great way to make the most of traffic to your store from other countries.

The feature allows you to redirect those visitors to another store or a specific link you choose.

This means that no traffic is wasted and you don't lose out on sales.

If your store is a USA locale but a customer from the UK visits, you want them to go to the UK version of your store. They would see a UK flag that they can click on and it takes them to the right location where they can shop for goods for UK. 

In order to use Country Redirect, you would go to  Settings--Your Store Settings--Country Redirect 

You want to change the Country Redirect Enabled to On. Once you do this, you'll go to: Traffic, SEO and Sales==> Country Redirect. 

For the purpose of this guide, I've just added the Amazon UK URL. You would put the link to your other locale store. You can put as many locales as you want. Make sure to click Save Redirect. The image below is what a customer would see when they go to the store:

The different locales are represented by the various flags. I am on a UK site now, and since my IP is in the USA I can see the message to visit the USA store. 

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