How to Setup Product Tags in Your Fresh Store

Product tags are another way in which you can organize your store products, niche or idea. When you are on Instagram for example, you add hashtags (#). If someone clicks on #cats, it will take them to a page where every person used the tag. Product Tags work in the same way. A customer clicks on the tag and it takes them to a page which showcases all the products with that tag. 

In order to use tags, you would go to: Products-->Attributes-->Tags 

On this page you will see all the tags that were created and how many products can utilize that tag. You can also delete the tag or edit it to better suit the products. 

You will also see the ADD TAG option at the top right corner above Tag Options. This is to create a new tag which isn't premade already for you. 

When you've filled out the information, click to save the tag. 

To add a tag to a product, you would go to the product page and choose to Edit it or enable the tag for the product automatically. To do this, go to: Products==>Product Tags and click on the number under Products. This will take you to the list of products that can have that tag enabled. You can select all products, go to the bottom of the page and either Delete the products from the tag, Enable them, disable, Hide or Remove the product from the tag. 

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