Fresh Profit Pro Template - Setup Guide, Features & Settings

With FS you can have a matching wordpress theme with your store template. One of these options is the Fresh Profit Pro theme and template. Premium FSI members get access to all the templates and skins. If you would like to purchase this template you can go HERE. To change your store template you would go to: Design--Templates and select the one you want. I chose Profit Pro. If you don't see all the templates, go to Tools==>Refresh Templates and select to refresh all templates. (Do NOT select Reset- this will reset everything and you'll lose any customized work you may have done)

Click on the Set Template Options to set up the templates of your store. You can also go to: Design==>Template Options then select Template Options again and go through the list of options you wish to change. Some options include:

Template Skin - This is the preset colors for the buttons, menu bars, links and so on. You have 14 different skin options for this template including Wood Teal and Hot Pink. You can also personalize the template skin css by going to: Design==>Visual Editor

Site Layou- This option allows you to set the layout of your store. Do you want the layout to be narrow or wide, centered or have your categories display on the left or right side? You can easily switch between the options to see which one you prefer best. 

Choose Header Style - You have the option to show a logo and banner, a header image only or two banner images. If you choose 2 Column Custom HTML you will need to edit the Header Left Custom HTML and Header Right Custom HTML. If you choose the Standard Header Logo option, you will add the header code under Header Ad Custom HTML. Click on Tools--Source Code and add in your code.

You will see a preview of the banner when you add in the source code. If the image is broken, check over the banner code to make sure you copied all of it. Make sure to click View Site to see your store and how it looks. 

Show Footer Ad Bar - You can add an ad in the footer or you can choose to hide it. If you choose to show it, you will add the code under: Footer Ad Bar Custom HTML

To change the homepage layout of your store, you'll go to: Design==>Homepage Layout. I usually set my layout to:

  • Page Title
  • Main Description
  • Product Slider
  • Secondary Description
  • Best Sellers

You can do the layout anyway you see fit. You might decide to just leave the homepage for your main and secondary description and now show any products at all. 

If you have any other questions about this template or any other template, let us know. Make sure to go through all the template options and customize the site before making it live. 

If you want to have a matching wordpress blog, we have a Fresh Profit Pro WP theme. The guides to the theme can be found HERE.

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