Design Options and Features in Fresh Store

With Fresh Store, you can customize your store to your liking. You can change the template, template options, template skin and so on. The below will explain where everything is and what each category offers.

Templates- With Fresh Store, you can choose from four templates; Fluid, Fluid Enhanced, Flexi Store and Smooth Store. If you are a Premium member you get all off our templates and skins which include; Conversion Pro, Contempo, Fresh Profit Pro, Evolution, and Serenity. If you are a Premium FSI member but don't see the templates go to: Tools==>Refresh Templates and select to refresh ALL Templates. Once this is complete, delete the cache and you should see all the templates under Design-->Templates. To select a template choose Enable Template

Once you've enabled the template you'll need to set up the template options. You can choose Set Template Options and it will take you to the page. 

Template Options-In Template Options you can choose everything from Template Language, Top and bottom navigation links, template skin, header style, set social media link, and more. We suggest that you go through each of the options and customize them to your liking. 

Under Template Options you will also find the option for Images. This is where you will upload your header or logo image. 

  • If you are adding a header, you upload the image under Header banner Image. Make sure the template option under Design--Template Options-->Choose Header Style is set to Custom Image Header. 
  • If you are adding a logo, you would upload the image under Design--Template Options-->Images and upload the image under Main Logo Image. To make sure that your logo shows, the template options for Choose Header Style needs to be set to Standard Logo Header. 

Visual Editor- If you want to customize your template skin color you would go to: Design--Visual Editor. You can set the custom css for buttons, links, menu, and more. We recommend that you go through each of the options and set the color you want. Make sure that when you're done you click SAVE so that your changes are set and you don't have to reset the options again. 

**Note: The above is a test site. Please don't create a store with cat trees and luxury beauty. That is not a proper niche.**

Homepage Layout - This option is for your homepage and how you want the page to look. If you want to have just content, you set the layout to Main Description and Secondary Description. Here is an example of how you can set your widgets:

I usually leave everything under Top Full Width Row.**

Sideboxes- Your categories are in your sideboxes but you can also add custom sideboxes. You will find Sideboxes, Add Sidebox and Sort Sideboxes under Design. You can also find the Add Sidebox and Sort Sidebox when you go to view Sideboxes. 

  • Add Sidebox allows tyou to add a custom sidebox. It can be for articles, guides, reviews or a custom html code. 
  • Sort Sideboxes allows you to change the order. You can have categories at the top or your custom banner or articles. It's all up to you.

Favicon- This is the small icon that shows up next to your url. We've made it easy for you because you don't have to upload it through your cpanel. Make sure to upload the favicon image and not the folder.

If you can't find the settings you're looking to change, make sure to use the search tool bar!

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