Want more traffic? Try these

Traffic is one of the most asked about topic we get from customers. "How do I get traffic?" You can't just build a store and call it a night. With a little effort, your site can become successful and get you real traffic. Below are some of our favorite traffic tips that can help your store get more clicks and sales. 

1) Create a pinterest board and use the new feature to post your most interesting products. Follow other people and interact to create your own following

2) Create content that solves problems in your niche. For example, if your selling guitars look in Facebook groups and pages to see what people are talking about. Write an article solving the problem, and share it around facebook groups/pages while genuinely offering value to that group/page

3) Talk to people within your niche and find what they like or don't like. Create content, videos, guides etc. around that and share with them

4) Look for long tail keywords (like product names and model numbers) and optimize your store pages for them

5) Create a Facebook page around your niche, build followers and makes posts in the following ration - 5 useful content only posts per 1 post linking to your store

6) Create a twitter account around your niche, follow relevant people and make posts in the same ratio (5 useful posts to 1 product post)

7) Record funny/useful videos in your niche and link to your website using annotations on the video (on YouTube)

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