How to Use Content Templates in Fresh Store

With Fresh Store we make it easy for you to edit and customize your store content. If you are looking to add unique content to all of your store products without editing the products one at a time, use Spinning Templates. These templates allow you to create new and unique content to products with titles and products with title and manufacturers. 

To get started, you will go to: Content==>Content Templates

There are two template options available with basic examples. We recommend that you edit them and add at least another Title and Title, Manufacturer template. 

The places that you will need to edit or add new text to are under SEO & Meta (Meta Description Template) and Descriptions (Description Template). 

To preview how the template text will appear, click on the Preview icon. A new box will pop-up, where you can see the details. You can select the Preview a few times just to see if the text makes sense. If you're happy with the text, save the template. 

If you are writing a new spinning template, some things you will need to know. 

  • The title of the products needs to be added as [Title]. 
  • The manufacturer/brand will also be added in as [Manufacturer].
  • The site name is added as [[SITE_NAME]]
  • The different synonyms that you want to use need to be added inside {}
  • The different synonyms are separated by the vertical line |
  • For the description template text you need to start the content with <p> and end it with </p>

Here is a an example of a spinning template meta description you can add for Title and Manufacturer;

<p>{Here at|Right here at|At} [[SITE_NAME]], we {offer|provide|carry} the best {deals|products|items} you {need|want} for your {home|space}. [Title] by the {brand|manufacturer|company} [Manufacturer] is {one|just one} of them. {Choose|Buy|Get|Order} this {product|item} {now|right now}!</p>

This gives you numerous ways the sentence can be spun such as:

  • Here at Your Site, we  offer the best deals you need for your home...etc
  • Right here at Your Site, we provide the best products you want for your home...
  • At Your Site, we carry the best deals you need for your space...

Make sure to use click the Preview a few times to make sure the text makes sense. Make sure to save the template changes and under Template Options make sure to enable the template. If you don't enable it the template changes will not show under your products.If you still don't see the changes, go to Tools==>Lock/Unlock Products and choose to Unlock All products. Once you do this, delete the cache Tools==>Delete Cache and you will see the changes. 

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