How to Edit Product Titles in Fresh Store

With Fresh Store, you can easily edit the content in your store, including Product Titles. You should edit the product titles when:

  • They are too long
  • The product title is too short
  • The title is full of keywords 
  • The title doesn't make sense

Here is an example of a product title that you should change. You can also see that the link title is too long and cut off.

Click of the Edit icon, located at the top right corner. You can also go to: Products--View Amazon Products and go through the list. From there you can hover over the title to see if it's too long or needs to be edited. Once on the product title page you will edit the Title and Link Title. I like to leave the two the same. 

When you're done editing the title and link title, go to SEO and Meta. In here, remove the Page Name link and leave it blank. It will generate the correct link for you. 

You can add Meta Keywords that you want to use and even edit the meta description if you are not using Spinning Templates. 

Another thing you can edit for the product is the image and tags. Go to Product Images and choose a different main image or even upload a custom image. 

Once you are done editing the changes make sure to click the Save button. This will save your changes. 

Now your product title fits better in the link and looks better. The product title didn't need the additional content or the manufacturer mentioned twice. 

While editing product titles can take some time, it will benefit your store and customers. When you are editing the product titles just think of what you would put in your browser search were you to look for that exact item. 

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