What is an RSS Feed? Does Fresh Store have them?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Basically, what RSS feed does is help you spread content without having to do it manually or daily yourself. Once you add the link to the desired location, the content, products, videos, etc. that you add to your store and blog will update and show up daily. 

With FS the RSS feed is built in. In your site URL you would add /rss/ and the location. Some examples include: 

  • yourdomain.com/rss/all-random
  • yourdomain.com/rss/all-products
  • yourdomain.com/rss/best-sellers
  • yourdomain.com/rss/special-offers and other pages

Nihad has created a guide on how to utilize rss feed with  dlvr.it. You can find it here

You can also look over our other traffic guide which talks about RSS and how to utilize it. 

What can I use RSS for?

RSS feed can be utilized for:

  • Content posts
  • Blog posts
  • Products
  • Videos
  • Podcast

These are some of the pages that you can create RSS links for. 

If you have any other questions about RSS or other FS issues, please contact our HelpDesk

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