How do I Change the Homepage Slideshow Products?

Most of our Fresh Store templates have a product slider. This is where you can showcase a set of products. You can set the products you want manually or showcase random items automatically. 

The first thing you'll do is login to your store and go to: Design==>Template Options. In Template Options on the sidebar you will look for Homepage Slideshow Products

Once you select the option, a new page will open. Here you will have the option to choose from Automatic or Manual products. If you're selecting Automatic, you have a few different settings to go through. 

Product Quantity - This is the amount of products you want to show in the slider. We have it set to six but you can choose as many items as you want. 

Maximum Salesrank- If you want, you can choose the saleserank for the product slider. It will then only showcase the items within that salesrank. The lower the salesrank the more popular it is. 

Minimum Price - Here, you can select the minimum price that you want to show. I have it set to 1 because this is a test store and the products I've added are priced low. For some, the minimum price might be 1,000 depending on the niche and products they've added. 

Maximum Price - You can set the maximum price to any amount you would like. I've set it to 100,000 because I don't have anything priced that high but I want products up to that amount to be visible on the product slider. 

Minimum Number of Images - You can choose from the five different options. I leave my settings to Any but you can choose from any of the other options, 'at least one' up to 'at least 4' images. 

Category - You can select the specific category you want the slider to showcase. Perhaps you only have one category or one of them has higher priced items. I left my setting to Any.

Select Type - Here you can choose from the Random, Best Sellers, Special Offers or price range, high to low or low to high. 

Type of Products on Homepage Slider - The last option allows you to choose either Amazon, eBay or Custom products. You can select any of the options, two or all three. 

Once you've selected everything you want, make sure to click the SAVE PRODUCTS button. If you don't see the products changing in the slider, go to: Tools==>Delete Cache.

If you want to select the products for the slider manually, choose the option Manual for Choose Type of Population

Once you select Manual, you will be able to search for products. I put in mugs so you can see where you need to type your keyword. To add the items you want, click the orange plus sign

You can search as many keywords as you want and add the amount of products you wish.

If you do not want a specific product from the slider, click the red negative icon next to the product title. Once you're satisfied with your list, click SAVE PRODUCTS for the changes to save. Again, if the products don't update on your homepage, delete the cache. If there is still an issue, please contact us at the Help Desk and we will assist you. 

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