Is Fresh Store a WordPress plugin?

Fresh Store is not just a simple WordPress plugin - it's a complete affiliate website system built from the ground up.

We feel that WordPress is a great content system but trying to bend it to fit a different purpose would be restrictive. So instead, we built a completely separate product that can work alongside a WordPress blog using our tight integrations.

If you have WordPress installed on your main domain then you can add Fresh Store in a subfolder or a subdomain.

If you want Fresh Store on your main domain then you must delete WordPress or move it to a subfolder/subdomain.

Our Fresh Store Booster Plugin connects your WordPress blog and Fresh Store, allowing you to have automatic links between the two.

The Fresh Store Booster Plugin will let you embed products from your store into your blog post/pages and widgets.

You don't need the Fresh Store Booster Plugin but it does help and makes it more convenient. Without the plugin you can still manually add links from the blog to fsb and back to the blog using content, banners or just navigation links.

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