Why does my Amazon product not have a description?

When you add an Amazon product to your store you expect to see the product description and features added in as well. This doesn't always happen, but why? Some products don't give you the description over the API. It seems to be that books more commonly don't. This is due to the seller of the product and/or the type of product being added. The seller might have opted-out of sharing the product description over the API due to copyright or other concerns.

In your store you have the product xml feature. This feature allows you to add the Amazon ASIN and provides the full details of what is received and what isn't. You would login to your store and go to: Debug-->API Call: Products. You would add the ASIN and it would show the full details of the product after you select Create XML Link. 

Right now what you can do is add your own description to these products manually. You could even copy and paste the one from Amazon but if you do this you should be aware that you don't have permission and it could be a copyright issue.

Our recommendation would be to rewrite the content information or just use Spinning Templates. These are in your store: Content-->Content Templates. You can learn more about spinning templates in the guide: https://guides.freshlabs.group/article/391-how-to-use-spinning-templates

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