Customizing your Best Sellers and Special Offers in Fresh Store

With Fresh Store, you can easily customize your store settings, even the Best Sellers and Special Offers widgets. To do this, login to your store and go to: Design==>Template Options. In Template Options settings you will find the option for Homepage Best Sellers Products. (The same option is available for Random products and Special Offers)

If you want to choose the specific products for your Best Sellers, Special Offers, Random Products or Homepage Slideshow, you need to select Manual for the option "Choose Type of Population."

On the same page you will be able to search for the products you want to add. You can search the keyword or you can type in the specific title. 

To add the products you want, click on the plus icon next to the product title. 

To  remove a product from your list, click on the negative red icon next to the product titles. 

Once you are done choosing your Best Sellers, Special Offers, Random products or Homepage products, click the SAVE PRODUCTS button. 

Once you've saved your options, you'll see them in your store front-end under the Best Sellers widget. If you don't see your options, make sure to delete the store cache and refresh your page. 

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