How do I connect WordPress to my Fresh Store?

WordPress websites are perfect for your Amazon affiliate applications. Amazon wants to see a website with content, not just a list of their products. You can learn more about this in our guide

Once you create your blog, now what? And how do you connect it to your Fresh Store? 

If you want to have a blog on the main domain and your store in a subfolder or subdomain, you want them to look alike. The best way to do this is by using matching themes for your store and blog. If you are a Premium member, you get all the themes, templates and skins for free and you'll find them in your Fresh Store account.

Besides having a matching theme and store template, you should use the same header or store logo. This way customers will be reassured that the two sites are related. 

Another thing to do is to link back from your store and blog. Add your store link in your blog navigation links and your blog link in your store tab. To add your blog in your navigation links you would go to: Design-->Template Options-->Top Navigation Links and choose Custom Links option. For the Title you would write Blog and for the url you would copy and paste your blog link. Make sure to click the Add Link button and then save the changes. 

Now that the blog and store look alike using the same themes and headers and you've linked them, what's next? This is where the content comes in. You want to add unique blog content and connect it to your store. You want customers to come to your blog because of the content you've added. When they click on the image or keyword that you've specified it should go to your store. Some things you can do to link your store and blog include:

  • Add store category keywords in the content and link it to your store
  • Link an image or title to your store product
  • Link to your store content article 
  • Write product reviews and link the products to your store

These are just some ways in which you can connect your store and blog. Content is key when it comes to traffic and promoting your store.

**Note**  You don't have to have the same matching themes or logo but it helps unify the sites. The content and how you connect it to your store is what counts. 

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