Fresh Store Booster WordPress Plugin - Widgets and Usage Guide

This guide will go over the Widgets that come with the Fresh Store Booster WordPress Plugin.

The images below show Fresh Store Builder installed on the main domain and WordPress in a sub-folder called /blog/. The WP blog is using a matching theme we have for one of the FSB themes called FLUID. You dont need to use a FSB WP theme for the Fresh Store Booster WP plugin to work. The plugin will work in your current theme. The image below showing the WP blog looks empty because I have not added many posts to the wordpress blog, its a new blog and I have not had the time to do some posts.

The 4 Widgets that come with this plugin are,

Cart Widget

Gets the users Shopping Cart if it is present in current session

 Custom Title
 Allows customisation of the title of the widget.
 Default: Your Cart
 Show items
 Toggle whether to show the items in the cart.
 Default: False
 Categories Widget
 All categories and category groups can be displayed from the connected Fresh Store.

 Custom title
 Allows customisation of the title of the widget.
 Default: Browse Categories
 Bestsellers Widget
 The Bestselling on Amazon of the Items in your Store can be shown using the Bestsellers Widget

 Custom Title
 Allows customisation of the title of the widget.
 Default: Bestselling Products
 Image Size
 Modify the size of the image pulled from the store
 Default: 50px
 Total Items
 Define the amount of Bestselling Items shown
 Default: 5
 Special Offers
 The best special offers of your products can be displayed using the Special Offers Widget

 (My VTech store does not have a lot of products, so in this case the same item is the best seller and also a special offer, this will not happen for all stores)
 Custom Title
 Allows customisation of the title of the widget.
 Default: Special Offers
 Image Size
 Modify the size of the image pulled from the store
 Default: 50px
 Total Items
 Define the amount of Special Offer Items shown
 Default: 5

To set Widgets for your blog. Login to your WP-admin and click on the Appearance tab/ Widgets link.

 2. On the Widgets page you will see the widgets available for you to move over to your sidebar. You can see the active widgets I have and compare it to the images above in this guide, you will see the FSB Cart, Categories, Best Seller and Special Offers widgets enabled. If you click on the dropdown for each widget, you will have different options, please take the time to go thru the widgets.

 If your wordpress theme supports using widgets on your homepage then you can use the FSB widgets to set a static homepage for wordpress, as shown in the image below. You would use a basic TEXT widget to add your unique content and then under it you can place the Best Sellers/Special Offers Widget.

 On the Widgets page, if your theme supports widgets on the homepage then you just need to drag the widgets over to the homepage. Add a TEXT widget for your content. Then the FSB best/Special offers widgets.

 The Best Sellers and Special Offers widgets have options to set for them. If you are going to use the widgets on your homepage then you want to adjust the Columns and how many items to user. The image below shows how you can quickly set the products/columns


Product in page
 Products can be embedded in either posts or pages within WordPress by using the shortcode [fsbProduct].
 To embed a product within a page or a post you must specify either its product_id code from the Fresh Store or its Amazon Product ASIN. This is done by setting the parameters as shown:
 [fsbProduct product_id=’THE_PRODUCT_ID’]
 [fsbProduct asin=’THE_PRODUCT_ASIN’]
 Required Parameters
 asin – the Amazon Product asin code OR product_id – the Fresh Store product id code
 Optional Parameters:
 Size: Specifies the maximum width of the image and auto adjusts the height
 Default 150px
 Alignment: Aligns the embedded product div within the page
 left (default), right, center
 [fsbProduct asin=’B0002HY7KA’ size=’300′ align=’right’]
 [fsbProduct product_id=’727′ size=’300′ align=’left’]

How to add a shortcode to a blog page or post.

Go to your WP Dashboard and edit the page or post that you want to embed the product in. Then just copy and paste the short codes shown above this text and then replace it with your ASIN. You will also have option for the image size and if you want to align it to the left/right. (VERY IMPORTANT, THE ASIN YOU SET IN THE SHORTCODE MUST BE ADDED TO YOUR FSB STORE FIRST, SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ADD IT TO YOUR FSB STORE FIRST)

 Here is how the item will appear on your post. I just did this quickly but when you are adding a good size article to your post, you can really position these items nicely into your content and get those clicks.

 Customization Options for your Fresh Store Builder WP Plugin

When you click on the FRESH PLUGIN tab in WP-ADMIN dashboard, you will see a link for Customization, if you click that you will see all the options you have for the plugin. The images below shows the different options.

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