Getting Started with Fresh Cloud

Fresh Cloud launched in 2021 and you are one of the first to take advantage of this new system!

We have designed your account area to be intuitive and easy to get started, but we do recommend you watch this video below on how to get started.

Accessing Your Account

You will receive a password to your email address when you join Fresh Cloud. We strongly recommend you change this password when you first login.

You can log in to your account at

If your password doesn't work, you can reset your password here.

You can also login using your Facebook or Google account.

If you are having problems logging in, please use the help icon in the bottom right corner of this page to get in touch with the support team.

Getting Started Video

This video will give you an overview of all your account features, show you how to create a WordPress website, show you how to create a Fresh Store and give you your next steps.

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