WP Pro Advertising System WordPress Plugin - Plugin Guide

Click on ‘Advertising’ in the left admin bar of your dashboard.

The AD Dashboard will open.

Now your ready to go! Note that before you can start uploading banners you need to make sure you have at least 1 advertiser and 1 campaign.


Creating an advertiser is just like creating a post/page. Click “Add New Advertiser” add a name and email address and click “Publish” your advertiser will now be active.

While saving the advertiser data the system will check if the email address already exists in the WordPress user database. If it finds a match it will link the account to the existing WordPress user account.


Now that you’ve create an advertiser its possible to create a campaign for it. All banners need to be linked to an advertiser and a campaign. Again its just like creating the advertiser. Just click “Add New Campaign”.

  • 1. Add a Title.
  • 2. Select an advertiser.
  • 3. Optional: add a start/end date for the campaign.


Now that you have atleast one advertiser and one campaign its possible to add banners. Click “Add New Banner”.

Banner Options

  • 1. Add a Title.
  • 2. Select an advertiser.
  • 3. Select a campaign. Once you selected an advertiser you will be able to select a campaign linked to the selected advertiser.
  • 4. Add a link.
  • 5. Select a target. Default is set to _blank to open the link in a new window)
  • 6. Select the status of the banner. Default is set to Draft

Banner Type:

Option 1: Upload an image/swf or add a url.

Option 2: HTML Code (adSense, iframes, text ads, …)

Optional Settings

1. No Follow. allows you to add a rel=”nofollow” to your banner to prevent Search engine bots to follow the link.

2. Contract. Allows you to select a contract to limit the banners activity. 3 options:

  • 1. Pay per click
  • 2. Pay per view
  • 3. Duration (amount of days)


To show a banner on your website it has to be linked to an adzone. All banners from any advertiser/campaign can be linked to the same adzone. To create an adzone just click “Add New Adzone”.

  • 1. Add a Title.
  • 2. Add a description.
  • 3. Select a size for the adzone.
  • 4. Max. amount of banners in this adzone.
  • 5. Rotate banners.
  • 6. Rotation time
  • 7. Rotation effect Fade/Slide
  • 7. Ad grid to show multiple banners at the same time

Link Banner to Adzone

To show a banner on your website it has to be linked to an adzone. To link a banner to one/multiple adzones click “Banners” in the Advertising menu. on the right side of the table you can select the adzone. When you select the text field the available adzones will be visible. In the list you will have 2 options:

  • 1. Recommended: Recommended adzones are the once that have the same size as your selected banner.
  • 2. All: Under “All” you will see all other adzones.

Add Banner to Website

To show a banner on your website it has to be linked to an adzone. Once the banner is linked to one/multiple adzones you can select the code to add it by clicking “Get Code” on the selected adzone. A popup window will open and you have 3 options.

  • 1. Shortcode: this allows you to add the aadzone to any of your post/pages.
  • 2. Template tag: this allows you to add the aadzone anywhere inside your theme.
  • 3. Iframe: this allows you to add the aadzone anywhere you want! you can even add it to other websites.


The statistics give you a very good view of the activities on your website. All clicks and impressions are getting saved including some specific details of the users. (Browser, Platform, IP address, Country, City, …)

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