How to Add a Custom Subdomain

A Custom Subdomain allows you to add a Fresh Cloud website or store to a domain name that is pointed elsewhere. For example, you might want to add a Fresh Store to an existing website and you want to put it on the subdomain.

When creating a custom subdomain, adding a CNAME record to the domain's DNS is required. This is done on your domain name registrar (e.g. GoDaddy, Namecheap etc.).

How to Add a Custom Subdomain

  • Log in to your FreshCloud account and navigate the Dashboard >> My Domains >> Add >> Add a Subdomain
  • Add a CNAME record to the domain's DNS. (The steps are shown below.)

How to add a CNAME record:

1. Create a website using the added subdomain.

2. Once the store has been completely created, it will ask you to "Confirm Domain"

3. A new window that contains the CNAME value will pop up. Copy the exact CNAME value which will be similar to this: cname-www-store-com

4. Log in to your domain name registrar account. This is the account where you registered the domain.

5. Add the CNAME to your domain name. Please follow the CNAME guide in your domain name registrar account.

  • Go back to your FreshCloud account, click the Check and Confirm button for the website having the custom subdomain.

If you encounter an error during Check and Confirm, see from My Domains if the recently added subdomain is already active. If yes, then try again Check and Confirm until it has responded correctly. If it is not yet active, click on the subdomain and try to give it a Refresh.

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