Help, my website is down and isn't loading! What can I do?

If your website or store is not loading, here are a few quick things to check.

Is your website down for everyone?

Sometimes we can have a local problem with our computer or internet provider. To quickly rule this out, you can check this website below:

Simply enter your website address and you will find out straight away. If the problem is local to you only, you can try to close/reopen your browser, clear your cache and cookies, restart your computer and finally restart your router.

Has your domain name expired?

If you are using a custom domain, please check if it has expired or needs renewal. You can do this at your domain name registrar (e.g. NameCheap, GoDaddy or wherever you registered your domain).

Is there a problem with your Fresh Cloud subscription?

Your websites will be automatically suspended if your payments are overdue (but don't worry, they can be restored within a few minutes!)

Please check your payment method and contact the support team if you need any help getting your subscription reactivated.

Have you made any big changes?

Sometimes your website might be working extra hard and responding slowly if you have made some changes. This can happen if:

  • You have cleared the cache in your store or website
  • You have added a new plugin or theme
  • You are performing an upgrade on plugins, themes or WordPress
  • You have changed some settings on your website

In this situation we recommend you wait a few minutes to see if your website comes back. If your website is running slow but you can access your admin area, try to undo any changes you have made.

Contact support!

We are here to help and will be able to diagnose the problem quickly with the right information.

Please open a support ticket and include your website address, any recent changes you have made and any access details we might need (such as WordPress login).

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