Fresh Profit Pro WordPress Theme - Installation Guide

Step 1: Upload & Install the theme files

This is a five step guide on how to install the Fresh Profit Pro Theme. The first thing you will need to do is log in to your Word Press account. On the Dashboard you will choose:


Once you are in the Themes section, you will select: Add New

When you choose Add New, it will open the Add Theme page where you will select the Upload Theme option.

When you select Upload Theme, a new pop-up window will appear where you will be able to select your Fresh ProfitPro zip file (file name is Once you have selected the Profit Pro zip file, you will press the Open option, located at the bottom of the window.

Now you will be able to press the Install Now button if you have selected the right zip file. If you accidentally choose another file, choose the Browse tab, which is located next to the Add Theme, and look for the right zip file.

Once you have installed the Fresh ProfitPro theme zip file you will need to select “Activate”.

Step 2: Install the Required Plugins

Step two of the Fresh Profit Pro Theme is to install the plugins. Now in your Appearance–>Themes you should see Fresh Profit Pro as one of your available themes. You will choose: Begin Installing Plugins.

On the Install Required Plugins page, make sure that all of the Plugins are selected, change the dropdown to say Install and hit the Apply button.

Once you hit the Apply, all of the plugins will start to upload, which will take some time. Once everything has uploaded, you may scroll to the bottom of the page and select: Return to the Dashboard

Step 3: Configure Advertising System Statistics

We need to configure the basic statistics gathering of the WP Pro Advertising System plugin next, to ensure that we are capturing statistics into the database. We are only going to configure the basics now, and you can read more details on the advertising plugin in the theme documentation here.

Now on your Dashboard you will be able to see a new notification at the top that states that there is a WP Pro Advertising System-Statistics update. You will need to click the “Use New Statistics” button TWICE! It is important to click it twice! The message will go away once this step has been completed. Once you’ve clicked the “Use New Statistics” button twice, you will be able to click on the “Ad Dashboard” button.

The next step is to select Advertising on the side menu to go to the AD Dashboard. Here you will choose the General Settings Tab.

Scroll down to the Statistics section. For Statistics Data make sure to change the setting to “Daily Statistics (recommended)”.

As you continue to scroll down the Statistics page settings, you will see the: Days to Save Stats option where you need to enter 30 in the available space tab. This will mean that your want to save 30 days of your statistics to the database.

Continue to scroll down and click the Save General Settings button.

We’ve included some default Ad zones but these will not show until you finish setting up your site, so we will continue on with basic setup.

Step 4: License your theme

Step four of the install is to license your theme. This is done by selecting Theme License on the menu, entering your license key, and clicking the “Save Changes” button.

Once complete, you’ll go to the last step by clicking on the Customize link on the side menu.

Step 5: Import the Default Theme Settings

Finally, step five of your Fresh Profit Pro Theme install is to import the default theme settings. In the Customize menu you will scroll all the way to the bottom and choose Export/Import option.

Under the import section, click on the Choose File and you will be able to search your computer for your fresh-profitpro-export.dat file. Remember that when you purchased your theme, you received two zip files and you needed to unzip to get to the dat file.

Once you have found and selected the file, you will be able to upload it in the Import Customization Settings and press the Import button.

You have now imported the default theme settings and will see the default logo and home page as shown in the below screenshot. You can now proceed to Configuring Options in the Theme Customizer.

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