Fresh Store Import

How to Import a Fresh Store

If you have an Amazon store hosted somewhere else, we can help you move it to your Fresh Cloud account. We will handle the import for you and will need access to your admin areas and current hosting.

  1. Contact Support - To get started, please contact support using the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your member's account area and provide your store URL and login details. 
  2. Backup Creation - We will create a backup for your store.
  3. Cloning - We will create a temporary store in your Fresh Cloud account, and clone your website into it.
  4. Checking - You will receive a notification email from the support team asking you to check over the temporary store if there is anything missing or not working. Otherwise, you will be advised to proceed to the next step.
  5. Changing the nameservers - You can change the name servers of your domain to ours.

Please change the nameservers on your domain to:

6. Changing the domain - Once the domain has been updated, you may now change the domain of the temporary story by clicking Option >> Domain Change. Choose the domain from the list then, click on Confirm Domain.

After a few minutes, the temporary URL will be changed over to your domain and your store is successfully on our cloud hosting!

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