Website Settings in your Fresh Cloud Account

Website settings refer to the Global Website Settings inside your Fresh Cloud account. It includes the general set-up for your Fresh Stores, WordPress websites, and others.

Fresh Store Settings

Fresh Store settings include the following defaults :

  • Put New Stores Live? Yes, or No - Once you picked yes, all new stores will live to the public immediately after creation. Otherwise, you will be able to put your store live later via your store admin area.
  • Amazon Commissions - Enter an Amazon Tag from your Amazon Affiliate account. This is used to track sales from your Fresh Store and make sure you get your commissions from Amazon. This will be used for all new stores.
  • Amazon APIOptional - only set these if you have your own Amazon API keys. If you leave these settings blank your stores will use the default Fresh Cloud Amazon API keys and you still get commissions for all sales.

  • eBay APIComing soon.

WordPress Settings

Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.
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