eBay Marketplace Account Deletion/Closure Notifications

After setting up your eBay developer account, you will find it odd to learn that your keys are not working, disabled even without the chance of using them yet.

Why are my newly created eBay keys disabled?

"Your Keyset is currently disabled. Comply with marketplace deletion/account closure notification process or apply for an exemption."

This is the exact error that you might encounter. The reason is because of the  eBay Marketplace Account Deletion/Closure Notifications.

"eBay provides their users a way to request that their personal data be deleted from eBay's systems, as well as deleted from the systems of all eBay partners who store/display their personal data, including third-party developers integrated with eBay APIs via the eBay Developers Program.

To assist third-party developers in deleting customer data, eBay has created a push notification system that will notify all eBay Developers Program applications when an eBay user has requested that their personal data be deleted and their account closed. This document will discuss what third-party developers will need to do to receive, respond to, and validate these eBay marketplace account deletion/closure notifications."

What should I do to get my keys active again?

"Once the developer creates a keyset, it will initially be in the disabled state until the developer subscribes to eBay marketplace account deletion/closure notifications. The developer will be informed of the eBay marketplace account deletion/closure notifications requirement. Once the new developer's application is subscribed to eBay marketplace account deletion/closure notifications, the App ID is activated."

  1. Subscribe. 
  2. Apply for an exemption. Some developers might not be storing any data from eBay for various reasons. If this is the case, the developer may apply for exemption from receiving eBay marketplace account deletion/closure notifications. For more information, see the Opting Out of eBay Marketplace Account Deletion/Closure Notifications section in this document.

The good news is that Fresh Store does not save any data permanently because everything in it is cached and eventually the data will expire. Therefore, it is unnecessary to get marketplace notifications after all.

To get the complete details about eBay Marketplace Account Deletion/Closure Notifications, please visit https://developer.ebay.com/marketplace-account-deletion

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