Fresh Profit Pro WordPress Theme - Advanced Settings & Customization

This guide will explain how to use the advanced options for displaying advertising zones from the included Advertising System and how to add your own custom css and scripts.

Showing / Hiding Advertising Zones

Fresh Profit Pro includes default advertising banner zones, which are tied to the included WP Pro Advertising System plugin. The content for these zones is setup in the plugin, and you can checkout the documentation here.

However, you may choose to completely turn off one of these built in Advertising zones. For instance, maybe you don’t want to use the banner ads above and below the single post text. So we’ve given you a way to control this by going to Appearance => Customize => Advertising Settings

From here you can Show or Hide the Ad Blocks on the Wide Sidebar, Narrow Sidebar, Footer, and Before and After Posts. Just make your selection and save.

Custom CSS, Header & Footer Scripts

Need more custom control? We’ve provided fields for you to enter your own custom CSS, header scripts or footer scripts. Need to add Google Analytics? Just paste in the Custom Footer Script field and it will export on all pages on your site. Simply go to Appearance => Customize => Custom CSS & Scripts

You have now completed the guide for Advanced Settings & Customization. Please see the main Fresh Profit Pro WP Theme Documentation guide for links to additional training articles.

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