How to Open Your Amazon Affiliate Account

This guide will show you how to set up your Amazon affiliate account so you can start making commissions with your FreshStore.

This is a fast and easy process, and your account will be open immediately. Simply visit the following link and create a new account:

Other Amazon Countries

With Amazon, you need to register for each country you want to promote. This is possible using the same account you created on the link above.

Select the new country in the top right corner of the link above, and follow the signup process.

Account Approval

Your Amazon Affiliate account will be opened and ready to make sales as soon as you complete the registration. After you make three sales, Amazon will then fully approve your account by checking your account details and your website.

Amazon API Keys

You do not need Amazon API Keys as they are already built into FreshStore.

Once you have made three sales on your account, you are eligible to apply for API keys. You can optionally do this and enter these API keys into your account.

Amazon Affiliate Account Video

This video will show you how to create an Amazon Affiliate account from start to finish.

What to do if your Amazon Associates application is rejected?

Don't panic! It's easy to solve :)

Sometimes, when applying for an Amazon affiliate account, your application will get rejected. This is usually due to a lack of content; if this happens to you, don’t panic. You can re-apply; however, instead of specifying your FreshStore, we will create a WordPress site and use this in our application.

If you plan on having a blog on your site with lots of content, you could use this for your application. However, an alternative is to create an account at

Just perform the following steps:

1) Head over to your FreshStore account and create a new WordPress blog

2) Choose the domain or subdomain you want to use and let the system create the blog

3) Log in to your blog and customize your settings or keep everything as is

4) Go to

5) Ask the AI to write a 400-word article based on your niche and domain. Article ideas:

  • The history of the niche (e.g. “The history of Yoga”)
  • Product buying guides (e.g. “How to choose the best yoga mat oven”)
  • Maintenance guides (e.g. “How to take care of your yoga mat”)
  • The best products (e.g. “The top five yoga pants”)

6) Make sure to have at least three short blog posts ready to paste into your blog.

7) In your blog, you will see the Hello World blog post on the right – this is a sample post we can delete, so click Trash.

8) Copy the article your AI wrote and paste it into your blog post. Make sure to have a title, meta description and keywords ready for each article. (The AI can also do this for you!)

9) Add post details and images. Ensure the image you use for your posts comes from royalty-free websites such as

We have published our first blog, but before you submit this to Amazon, you should publish a few more.

When you have posted a few blog entries, you can now re-apply to join the Amazon affiliate program.

Follow the steps you previously followed; however, enter your WordPress URL instead of your FreshStore.

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