Fresh Profit Pro WordPress Theme - Choosing Theme Skins & Custom Colors

Fresh Profit Pro includes (14) Skin Colors as well as custom color pickers to create your own unique design. Find out how in this guide.

To get started, you will go to Appearance => Customize to access the customizer and live editor, and then select Theme Colors & Skins from the menu options.

The first step is to choose the Theme Skin menu item.

You need to begin by selecting the basic theme skin color from the (14) provided skins. You can still customize further on individual elements, but you need to select the skin first. If you customize components and then go back to change the skin, it will not overwrite any changes you make on the other screens. So it’s easiest to select your skin first.

These are the (14) Theme Skins available with Fresh Profit Pro:

Once you have selected your skin, you can customize further by selecting the various menu items and using the provide color pickers to pick your own custom colors. Here is an example of changing the Top bar Background.  (see below for the full list of all options available)

Don’t forget to check the Other Theme Elements section for things like the basic links and link hovers, as well as areas like the bottom advertising bar background. (And if you are using our Fresh Store Booster plugin, we’ve even got you covered on the shopping cart badge colors like in the Fluid template)

Fresh Profit Pro supports WordPress Post Type formats, which you can choose from the standard menu on your blog post editor page.

To access the custom color options for the Post Format Types, select them from the menu

You will be able to change the color of icons, like the quote in the example below, and the colors of the Aside post type.

Full List of Custom Color Picker Options

Top Bar Colors: Top Bar Background, Top Bar Text, Top Bar Link & Top Bar Link Hover

Menu Colors: Main Menu Background, Main Menu Border, Main Menu Text, Main Menu Background Hover, Main Menu Border Hover, Main Menu Text Hover, Mobile Menu Toggle Icon Color

Footer Columns Colors: Footer Column Background, Footer Column Widget Title, Footer Column Text, Footer Column Links, Footer Column Links Hover

Footer Bart Colors: Footer Bar Background, Footer Bar Text, Footer Bar Links, Footer Bar Links Hover

Primary Button Colors (primary buttons are the comment submit button, reply buttons and other input buttons): Primary Button Background, Primary Button Border, Primary Button Text, Primary Button Background Hover, Primary Button Border Hover, Primary Button Text Hover

Secondary Button Colors (secondary buttons are the continue reading buttons and the previous / next buttons): Secondary Button Background, Secondary Button Border, Secondary Button Text, Secondary Button Background Hover, Secondary Button Border Hover, Secondary Button Text Hover

Other Theme Elements: Basic Links Color, Basic Links Hover Color, Body Background Color, Sidebar Widget Titles, Sidebar Links Hover, Homepage Widget Titles, Botton Ad Bar Background, Cart Active Badge Background Color (with Fresh Booster plugin only), Cart Active Badge Count Color (with Fresh Booster plugin only)

Post Format Types: Post Format:Aside Background, Post Format:Aside Left Border, Post Format:Aside Text, Post Format:Quote Icon Color, Post Format: Audio Icon Color, Post Format: Video Icon Color, Post Format:Link Icon Color

You have now gone through all the setting for the Theme Skin & Custom Colors. Please see the main Fresh Profit Pro WP Theme Documentation guide for links to additional training articles.

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