WP Tab Widget WordPress Plugin - Setup Guide

This guide shows how to use the included WP Tab Widget for displaying Recent Posts & Comments, Tags and Popular posts in your sidebar.

You can place the WP Tab Widget in any widget. area on your site. A common placement is to put it in the sidebar on all your pages, but it can be placed into any widget area.

Select Tabs: Use the checkboxes to select what content you want the widget to display. Popular Posts, Recent Posts, Comments and/or Tags.

Tab Order: Click on the Tab Order link in order to expand this area. You can then rearrange the order for the individual tabs.

Advanced Options: Click this link to show all the additional options

Allow Pagination: Use the checkbox to allow pagination or disable it

Number of Posts: Choose the number of posts to display. This applies to Popular Posts, Recent Posts and Comments.

Title Length (words): You can change the length of the title here. Applies to Popular Posts, Recent Posts and Comments.

Show Post Thumbnails & Size: Choose to show or hide thumbnails, as well as choosing large and small sizes.

Show Post Date: Checkbox to show or hide

Show Number of Comments: Checkbox to show or hide

Show Post Excerpt: Checkbox to show or hide

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