Fresh Profit Pro WordPress Theme - Layout & Sidebar Styles

Fresh Profit Pro includes 9 layout configurations that can be applied to various areas of your site and also includes matching page templates. Use this guide to learn how to configure these layouts to create a unique and personalized site.

To get started, you will go to Appearance => Customize to access the customizer and live editor, and then select Theme General Settings from the menu options.

We have provided the option to choose you layout for various sections of your site, giving you the flexibility to change the look and feel as you desire. For example, you can have a different layout on your single post pages, change it for your archive and category pages, and still have a different layout on the homepage.

We’ll start by clicking on the Homepage Layout for this example. NOTE: The Homepage Layout is only used if you have setup your WordPress install to use a Static Home Page, otherwise by Default the Blog Archive is your homepage.

On this screen you will see the (9) available layout options. As you make changes, you will see your live editor panel refresh and show the new layout.

These are the (9) Layouts available for you to choose. The Wide Sidebar can support an ad banner up to 336 wide, and the Narrow Sidebar can support a 160 wide skyscraper. And of course, the theme is Mobile Friendly and responsive.

Navigate back up one level, and you will be able to select the Blog Archive Page Layout from the menu and set the layout. This will be the layout on your Home page if you are using the default WordPress settings, as well as the layout for your Categories, Archives, Author Archives, etc.

Repeat the same process and choose the layout you desire for your Single Post Pages.

We have also included Page Templates that allow you to pick the layout for any Pages you create on your site. You choose these on each page using the standard page settings box as shown here.

To complete your layout choices, you will want to choose your Footer design. From the Theme General Settings select the Footer Settings menu item.

From here you can choose to Show or Hide the Footer Columns. If you choose to show the Footer Columns, you will be given (3) Widgets areas to fill with widgets of your choosing.

Example with the Footer Columns visible:

Example with the Footer Columns hidden:

You have now completed all the configurations for theme layout and sidebar setup. Please see the main Fresh Profit Pro WP Theme Documentation guide for links to additional training articles.

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