Frequently Asked Questions for Fresh Store

This section will be updated with common questions we get asked by customers. If you don't see your question here, please use the live chat button on this page to submit your questions and we will get back to you.


1. Do I need a Domain or Hosting?

With our Fresh Store Instant packages you don't need hosting or a domain to get started. After purchasing your packages, within minutes you can launch your store from our 300+ premade niches with categories, products and banners uploaded. Click here for more info

2.  Can we use other affiliate programs?

Currently Fresh Store Instant (FSB) is automated with the amazon affiliate program. We are working on adding new affiliate modules but in the meantime, you can easily insert HTML, affiliate generated code to your store. Click here for more info

  3. How to Get Traffic?

 When it comes to traffic, there are many different methods you can use. Click here for some basic things you can start with and then see what works best for your niche. 

4. How Much Money Can I Make?

This is the billion dollar question we get asked a lot =). This is really hard to answer in a few sentences. You can make as much money as you want, it just depends on your niche, competition and the time and effort you put into your business. I did share stats on one of my stores that made close to $5k in 2017, click here for more info on that.

5. What Themes Can I Use with Fresh Store Instant (Fresh Store Builder)

 Visit our website to see all the themes and plugins that currently work with Fresh Store Instant (Fresh Store Builder) . HUGE BONUS!! If you are a Premium member of Fresh Store Instant (Fresh Store Builder), you get all the themes and plugins listed on the website for FREE!! You just need to submit a ticket with us and we will provide you with the details.

6. What is the Premium Fee?

As a Premium member you are helping to support the continual growth of Fresh Store Instant and our community, ensuring that we can improve and reinvest into the future.

On behalf of myself and the whole team at Fresh Development, I sincerely thank you for your support.

Premium Fee is billed yearly from the date you purchase the upgrade to Premium.
Click Here to Visit the Premium Account area to view your premium bonuses or to purchase your premium upgrade.  

7. What is Fresh Store Instant   (FSI)  

This is our brand new platform makes it easy for anyone to get started right away without any hosting or domains. We manage everything hosting related for you. All you need is a Fresh Store Instant package and you are set. 

All Fresh Store Instant Packages also include the Fresh Store Builder tool inside. 

Best place to see everything included with Fresh Store Instant is on the Features Page, click here to see. 

8. What is Fresh Store Builder (FSB)

This is our original tool for building Amazon affiliate stores. The price for this script starts at $497 and up. This is the SELF HOSTED version and is a one time fee. This means this package doesn't come with hosting or any domains.

We recommend customers looking into our Fresh Store Instant packages which include Fresh Store Builder, Hosting and Domains for you to use for your stores right away.

You will need to purchase hosting and a domain if you don't have one for Fresh Store Builder to work. The hosting provider must meet these FSB script requirements.

If you already owned Fresh Store Builder script, you can still get your free upgrades, read the article Where is my Fresh Store Builder purchase?

Click Here to Purchase Fresh Store Builder Unlimited Self Hosted Version

9. Do You Provide Hosting Services? 

Yes, if you own the Fresh Store Builder Self Hosted version, we offer 4 different hosting packages on  We offer Shared Cpanel Hosting accounts. You can run Fresh Store Builder and your Wordpress Blogs on any of the Fresh Website Hosting packages.

10. How Does the Amazon Cookies Work with Fresh Store Instant (Fresh Store Builder)

Our amazon store builder gives you both options. You have the 90 Day Cookie Feature and the 24 Hour Cookie option. Click here for more detailed article on the amazon cookie options and how to enable/disable each one. 

11. Fresh Store Builder Checkout & Click Reports in Freshadmin

This article goes over the Fresh Store Builder Checkouts and Reports Section. Fresh Store Builder has no way to confirm if a customer actually purchased a item or if a customer had confirmed the items on their amazon cart. Click here for more info

12. Items Not Showing On My Store But Show in Freshadmin View Categories

This article goes over why you might see higher number of products in freshadmin control panel, compared to your categories on the live store. Click here for more info

13.  Fresh Store Instant Error Message API Requests Throttled

If you are seeing the error message, "Your Amazon API requests have been temporarily throttled. Please evaluate all applications using the Amazon API, including Wordpress Plugins and other applications" Click here for more info

14. How to Add Content to Fresh Store Builder ( Fresh Store Instant) Store.

Adding unique articles and guides to your FSI store, click here for more info.

15. Do Prices and Products Update Automatically and How Can I Add Products to my Store? 

Yes, they will update automatically.  With Fresh Store Instant  (Fresh Store Builder) you can add products easily using any of the methods below. click here for more info.

16. Can We Use Other Affiliate Programs with Fresh Store Instant (Fresh Store Builder) 

Yes, we now have full integration with eBay directly into your Fresh Store.

If you would like to promote products from Clickbank, Adsense or any other affiliate program, Fresh Store Instant has made it easy by allowing you to easily insert HTML or banner codes from your other affiliates into any product, content or category page on your store. Click here for more info

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