Installing FSB Version

This guide will go over installing the new Fresh Store Builder Version 6 and also some important first steps to do before setting up your store.

I will be installing this store using CPANELs file manager. It doesn’t matter if you are using a web based ftp program or some local software on your computer. The screen might look different but if you just pay attention to the directory you are in on your server then you will be fine. This store is being installed in a sub-folder.

The image below is going to show me upload the fresh store builder files in the directory /version6/ which is located under the /public_html/ directory. Since my main website has something already installed you must upload fresh store builder in its own sub-folder and for this example I’m using /version6/ but you can name it anything you want.

When you are ready to upload the FSB file, click on the Upload icon.

2. You will need to find the Fresh Store Builder script file that you downloaded to your computer and then it will upload into the directory you selected above.

3. Once the file has been uploaded, go back to the directory where you uploaded the file. You might need to click the Reload link to show the file.

4. Right click on the file and click Extract All. If you are using a FTP client to upload the script or your hosting provider does not allow you to Extract a zip in the WEB Client then you must extract the script zip file on your computer and upload the files that are in that folder.

Make sure to confirming you are extracting the script into the correct directory that is empty.

5. Once you have extracted the files to the directory of your choice. You will need to open up your browser and visit the domain to start the installation. If you installed the domain on your main website which would be the public_html directory then going to will start the install process. If you uploaded the script in a sub-folder then you would visit The image below is the first step of the installation process.

Please see the guide on creating a database if you are not sure how to make one. The most important thing is to make sure when you add the Database and the DB use that you set it for full privileges as shown in the image below.

Once you have your DB info, enter it into Step 1 and click Save to go to Step 2.

6. Step 2 of the install you only need to select a email, a user name and a password. The email you select here is going to be used for the Contact Us form and also the Password Reset feature. When you finish adding your info and click finish your store, it will take you to the login control panel. Make sure to bookmark the page so you don’t forget it.

The login for your control panel will be and if you are in a sub-folder then it will be YourDomain/folder/freshadmin/

7. This is the login page for your fresh store builder freshadmin panel. If you forget your password then you can click the Forgot Password and use the feature to reset the password. You will get a email to click a link and set a new password.

That is all you need to do to install Fresh Store Builder script. Now I will go over some basic first steps you should take with your new store. One of the most important thing to see right away is the LANGUAGE of your store. I will go over below how to quickly do that after the Quick Store setup.

Quick Store Setup

When you first login to your new store you will see a popup for a Quick Store feature. You can use this to quickly select your theme, set some general info for your store and add your categories.

Click Yes, if you want to go into the quick store setup.

The first page will show you all the installed themes that come with your store and which is the active theme. When you are ready to go to the next step click on the Next button.

The next step in the quick store setup lets you set a store name and some basic settings for you new store.

The next step is for you to enter your amazon api information to connect Fresh Store Builder to Amazon. Please check our other guides on how to find the amazon keys and also troubleshooting your keys if you get any errors.

Once you add your keys and select your locale, when you click Save and test keys, it will tell you if your keys are valid and invalid. If you get a invalid error, please read thru the help guide on the left side of the page. Fresh Store Builder has no control over valid/invalid amazon keys. Without a valid set of amazon keys you will not be able to pull any information from amazon until the keys are setup correctly.

The final screen on the quick store setup will confirm you have completed it and give you a link to our new Health Store Check page. This page is very important and we will keep adding tips and suggestions on stuff you should change on your store to improve it.

Fresh Store Builder Health Store Check Page

This page is a must visit for any new store you create. This will tell you any issues on your store and give you suggestions on fixing those issues.


Click on the Templates tab and then Template Options.

Then click on the Template Options tab and click to Edit the first Template Option.

On the next page just select the language for your store and then click Save.

You have now installed the new version and are ready to start building your new Fresh Store Builder empire =)

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