Getting a Domain Name for FSB Store

An explanation of how to get a domain name and what to do once you have one, including how to point your domain name to your web hosting.

Where do I get a Domain Name?

You can get a domain name from many different companies online, which are known as Domain Name Registrars. Please take a look at our recommended domain name registrars for the best places to register domain names. Important: we don’t recommend registering a domain name at the same place you have your web hosting as they are typically more expensive and also it can make it harder to change hosting company if you want to in the future.

You typically purchase a domain name for a year, or a number of years, and should be paying about $10 per year.

How Do I Choose a Domain Name?

Before you choose a domain name, you must first choose a niche. Picking the right domain name is very important and takes some consideration. We recommend you read our section on “Niche Research” in the guides before purchasing a domain name.

I Bought a Domain! What Next?

Once you have bought a domain name you will have an account with the Domain Name Registrar (e.g. When you login to your account here you will be able to change various settings on your domain name.

Important: domain name registrars may try to sell you web hosting, email hosting and other services. This is generally not recommended as it will cost more and it is better to keep your domain names and hosting separate, in case you ever want to switch hosting.

If you now have web hosting and a domain name, then you need to “point” the domain name to your web hosting. This is done by changing the “Name Server” settings on your domain name – each web host has unique Name Servers. There are usually two nameservers and sometimes three.

You may need to look through your account on your domain name registrar for the option to change your name servers. Each registrar is slightly different so if you are in doubt take a look at their help files or contact support.

Note that you can change your name servers at any time. For example, you could register a domain and change the nameservers to before you have even ordered a hosting account with them.

Ok I have changed my Name Servers! Am I Finished?

Not quite! You now need to make sure your domain name is “added in” to your hosting account. When you register your hosting account they will usually ask you for a domain name. If you entered your domain name here, then you are done!

If not you need to use the “Addon Domain” option in your cPanel account to add your domain name.

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