How to Install the Contempo Template

The guide below shows how to install a FSB template. The guide shows the Contempo theme being installed, the process is the same for any FSB theme. If you are installing s SKIN, then it must go into the matching themes folder under the SKINS folder..

A new template is a great way to spruce up your stores and differentiate them. The Contempo Template is a perfect option for anyone that wants to sell and showcase one specific product. Installing Contempo template or any template is easy. After purchasing the template from FreshWebMarket, you will need to download the zip file and save it.

Once you’ve saved the zip file you will log in to your cPanel hosting account.

Go to: File Manager public_html and look for the Fresh Store Builder folder called “templates”.

When you open the “templates” folder you will choose Upload and upload the xko-comtempo zip file. Make sure that you let the file complete before going back to the templates folder and refreshing the page.

When you go back to the templates folder and refreshing the page, you will see the xko-comtempo file. Click on the file and extract it. Once you extract the file it will create a xko-contempo folder.

Now you can log in to your store freshadmin and go to Template–>Change Template. The Contempo template should be on the screen and ready to be licensed. If you do not see the Contempo template, please go to: Template–>Refresh Template–>Force Refresh All Templates

Once the Refresh All Templates is complete you will be able to go to: Template Change Template and see the Contempo Template. You can Enable Template and start working on your store.

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